Peaceful Engagement with Local Authorities

Aim: To enable the local community, to have the Uplifting Standards of Living.

  • Peaceful Engagement with Local Authorities

Vendors are regarded as illegal by most local authorities in Zimbabwe because of the archaic by-laws that do not recognise vendors as workers. NAVUZ seeks to engender, through dialogue and peaceful engagement, co-existence between vendors and local authorities.

There is need for local authorities to accept vendors as workers and significant players in the development of the economy and also to realise that most if not all vendors were driven into the enterprise not by choice but because of the dictates of the economy.

The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is pegged at 85% and more and more people are finding themselves out of formal employment and most are turning to vending as a means of earning an honest living. To that end, the Peaceful Engagement drive will encourage vendors and local authorities to address their areas of disagreement in an inclusive and peaceful manner. A shared conflict resolution mechanism is of paramount importance in minimising conflicts between the two sides

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